Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Chili Peppers

This weekend I went to the library and found a few bead books to inspire me.  I picked up a book called The Beaded Edge: Inspired Designs for Crocheted Edgings and Trims by Midori Nishida/CRK Design.  Although the only crochet stitch I know is a simple chain stitch, the designs in this book were so dainty and pretty I wanted to see if I could adapt them to make charms and earrings.  The book provides great images and instructions to create fun trims for bags, clothing and  even houseware.  I linked up to but maybe you could find this book in your library or local bookstore.

The first project I worked on was a simple but adorable red hot pepper. The stitch to make the pepper is the Peyote Stitch that is zipped up. The book uses DMC yarn but I used Fireline as my thread and instead of making several peppers to create and edging, I stopped at one pair of peppers.  Here is my hot pepper earrings.

As you can see, I made yellow peppers too.  My yellow peppers will be made into a bookmark that I hope to post later.  I want to work on more of the designs in this book and maybe I'll be brave enough to try it - crochet style.

Check out these links:
- How to Peyote Stitch
- How to Zip Up Peyote Stitch
The Beaded Edge: Inspired Designs for Crocheted Edgings and Trims
- Red Pepper Earrings, Etsy

Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

(image: Haruna / zeimusu) 
Thanks again for your lovely smiles that brighten my day!  Here is the list of my blogging buddies with cheeks that hurt from smiling too much.  Please click on the names below because each person has a web site/blog full of fun and creativity!

  • On Friday, August 3, I'll let you know who will receive the July "I Love Your Smile" appreciation gift.  You have until the end of this month to move your name up on the Smile Point list just by commenting on my blog posts. The points reflect the number of comments you have made over the last 30 days (so it's not a static list).  Points are updated on the bottom right hand of my blog but only the top 5 are shown.

    Thanks you so much for bringing sunshine to my day!

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    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    Sakura - Cherry Blossom Earrings

    Just a quick post to show you my さくら Cherry Blossom Earrings on my favorite nickel free, titanium ear wires.  I'm realizing how versatile the herringbone bead stitch is and haven't practiced covering a bead with the Peyote stitch...maybe tomorrow.


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    Wednesday, July 25, 2012


    I was surrounded by rotting, stinking, mushy white rice.  The smell was extremely horrible.  It made me cough and gag.  Then, I woke up. Sleeping next to me with her muzzle next to my face was my little doggy...geez, brush your teeth!

    After moving my bad breath pooch to her own space, I went back to bed.  I realized this time I could not smell anything.  It was drizzling outside but I could not smell the refreshing rain.  I could not smell the Downy on my blanket.  I could not smell the crispy pages of my book.  Did that also mean I would not be able to taste anything too?  I began to panic and could not take a breath.  If my nose was not working properly, did that mean I would not be able to breath through it as well?  Then, I woke up.  I lifted my hand to my nose and could smell the Vaseline hand lotion that I had rubbed on it earlier.  Whew!

    This morning I got out of bed grateful for my sense of smell.  I did an internet search and found out that the inability to perceive odors is called Anosmia.  A lesson learned in a dream.

    A bit too wordy for Wordless Wednesday?

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Sea Star Earrings

    These are little turquoise Sea Stars that I made into earrings using the new titanium ear wires that I purchased from HC Supplies on Etsy.  Having very sensitive ears myself, I decided to get these titanium ear wires so I could wear the earrings I make without causing me to have puffy red earlobes.  This Sea Star earrings are a little pricier than the rest of the items in my shop because of the extras that include the ear wires, fresh water pearls and gift box but it is still priced under $10.  If you're mailing to an Oahu address, remember that you have free shipping with the SHIPOAHU coupon code.  And, if you're a return customer, you have a 10% discount with your TENOFF coupon code. So...let these Echinoderms adorn your ears.  

    Linking to:
    HC Supplies (Titanium Ear Wires)
    Randal Would Go! (Oahu Shipping Discount)
    Bead Woven Sea Stars

    Thanks for stopping by!
    (Update: Oh Egads! I just deactivated this listing because there is another sea star earring set being sold on Etsy that looks strikingly similar to my earrings.  I guess the sea star design is common with the Herringbone stitch.  These earrings will be dangling from my ears.)

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    Monday, July 23, 2012

    Learning to Bead a Bead with Peyote Stitch

    This week I'm trying to teach myself how to wrap a bead with the Peyote stitch technique. I have covered beads using a netted bead weave stitch and I have made mandalas with the flat round Peyote stitch but I have never managed to wrap a bead with the Peyote stitch.

    Flat Round Peyote Stitch Mandala

    Netted Beads

    Simply put, my Peyote covered beads are U-G-L-Y!  To help me out I searched the web for instructions and found two sources that I really liked.  I came across a blog called Bead For Brains (what a clever name).  The author of this blog, Mandy, is on a journey to conquer a new bead technique, stitch or pattern every day for 365 days (wow!).  From here I followed Mandy's link to Lisa Businka's blog and was inspired by the way the bead artist uses a pin and pliers to hold her bead and start stringing from the top. I normally string from the center and decrease as I go to the top.

    Too lazy to get up, I just stuck a screw through my 12mm wooden bead and my work began.  It was much easier for me to bead from the top down and hold my work steady with the protruding screw. Here is my finished beaded bead.  I used contrasting Toho 11 beads so I would not get mixed up whenever I increased or decreased a row.

    Peyote Stitch Beaded Bead

    The end result is still a bit ugly-ish but I'm happy that I managed to cover an entire bead.  I wish the end result was a smoother bead.  Next time I will try my project with smaller seed beads.  Hopefully with more practice, I'll be able to successfully bead a bead with Peyote Stitch!

    If anyone can give me tips on this project, I'd be a happy beader!

    Links you might like:
    *Bead for Brains blog
    *businka-lisa blog (Russian)
    *Flat Round Peyote Stitch Tutorial


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    Saturday, July 21, 2012

    MoiraCoon's Shinies: Online art marketing resources

    Here is a blog post with an amazing list of resources for artist and crafters looking for online marketing tools.  I have not gone through the entire list but will review the links when I can.  I just had to share!

    MoiraCoon's Shinies: Online art marketing resources: Next month, I'm going to be a part of a panel discussion at WindyCon ( ) regarding online marketing for artists ...

    Thank you MoiraCoon!

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    Friday, July 20, 2012

    I Love Your Smile!

    Phew!  It has been such a busy day and I thought I was not going to ever make it to my blog to write my I Love Your Smile post.  Now that everything is settled and the house is quiet, I am finally able to relax and say Thank You to my blogging buddies for your ongoing support.

    Mohala Johnson 
    Creations by Shirl 
    The Dorothy Days 

    Please click on the links above and say "hello"!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  Enjoy your weekend!

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    Thursday, July 19, 2012


    One word you will often hear in our home is, "Patience!"

    "Patience!" I exclaim to the kids.
    "Patience!"  My husband scolds me.
    "Patience!" The kids grumble to each other.
    "Patience!"  We tell the pets.

    Being patient is a characteristic that I am still working on.  Each time I bead, I practice being patient.  I force myself to take things slow and be careful. I enjoy seeing my bead work take shape and result into a completed piece with no mistakes. Rushing through the process may mean doom and bitter sadness.  Oh I exaggerate!  I just throw a hissy fit!

    Learning the Herringbone stitch is a lesson in patience.  Thinking I had the fortitude to complete a Herringbone stitch bracelet, I started this project:

    I am sad to say that this is as far as I will get.  I don't like how the beads are lining up and the unshapely curves.  Maybe if I continue along, I will begin to see something that I like but I am impatient!  I know I will not pick this up again.  It sits in the junk corner of my work space, unloved and unwanted.

    I am happy to say that I started work on a smaller piece (to see quicker results) and successfully followed through with it.  Here is my Herringbone stitch sea star in Peyote stitch water.  I put it on a cell phone strap with an alphabet charm (brick stitch, by the way) and will be giving it to a friend.

    Patience!  Do you have it?


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    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Flat Herringbone Stitch

    My bead stitch of choice is the brick stitch.  I like it because I like structure and rhythm while beading.  Like building a Lego brick wall, this stitch does it for me.  Here is an example of one of my brick stitch charms.  See how the beads stack on top of each other like bricks?

    Now this post is not titled Brick Stitch because, for just a little while, I stepped away from my favorite stitch to try something new...the Flat Herringbone or Ndebele Stitch.  At first glance, I was not too excited about the Herringbone stitch because the beads lay at an angle and slant away from each other like my crooked teeth before braces. But after reading a bit of history about the Herringbone stitch and seeing examples of completed work, I was eager to get started.

    Following the tutorial on, Flat Ndebele or Herringbone Stitch Tutorial with Ladder StitchI gathered up my beads and went to work.  I used cube beads for the ladder stitch base along with Toho 8 and 11 seed beads to make a bracelet.  I finished off the bracelet with a button clasp.

    I am happy to say that I like the finished piece.  The angle of the beads, when viewed as a whole, is actually quite pretty.  If I look too closely, I feel like straightening up a few beads. Overall, I like how the bracelet lies flat and I love that it is so "soft" and flexible. I will practice this stitch and see what else I can come up with.  Hooray for learning something new!

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    Friday, July 13, 2012

    I Love Your Smile!

    Look who smiled at me this week =)


    Mohala Johnson

    • These wonderful bloggers were frequent visitors to my blog and often took the time to leave me encouraging comments.  They are just so sweet!!

      This week was super-duper special because I got a surprise in the mail from Creations by Shirl.and Eva.  Look what I got!
      Source: via HC on Pinterest
      Source: via HC on Pinterest

      I'm certain you'll smile too if you click the links above and visit the blogs and shops of my blogging friends.  Have a happy day!
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      Thursday, July 12, 2012

      Seascape Beaded Medallion

      I'm missing the beach.  This summer we have been so busy that we've hardly spent any time at the beach!  Inspired by our island's seascape, I decided to make this medallion bead woven charm.

      For the inner circle I used the right angle bead weaving stitch.  The beads are faceted baby blue Eruberu acrylic beads that I picked up at Ben Franklin Crafts. I like the sparkle of these beads that look like crystal but costs a lot less. The outer circle is made using a circular flat peyote stitch.  It includes size 11 Toho seed beads in rainbow green, sapphire blue and peach.

      I hope you like this bead woven medallion pendant in ocean colors. It's available at Handmade + Cute, Etsy.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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      Wednesday, July 11, 2012

      Friday, July 6, 2012

      I Love Your Smile!

      (image: Haruna / zeimusu)
      This week's top smile points goes to...


      Creations by Shirl 


      Mohala Johnson 

      The Dorothy Days 

      Thank you so much for the sunshine you bring to my day.  I appreciate your encouragement, enthusiasm and your visits to my blog.

      I am just so amazed at the kindness my readers share with me through their comments.  In my previous blog post, I wrote a little "About Me" and was floored by the comments I made me weepy.  Wow!  I didn't expect such loving and caring feedback! You are incredible - Anna @ Cozy Corner CrochetsCreations by Shirleva and Crocheted Little Things! Hugs!

      Have a happy Friday. Thank you everyone for stopping by today!

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      Thursday, July 5, 2012

      About. Me.

      I just published my "About" page on Etsy.  I was reluctant to put my image up but I did.  I might change my mind later and take it down.  How important is putting a face to a shop, or an article or any kind of work?

      Few of my friends know that I craft and sell on Etsy.  When people ask me what I do, I say that I am a stay at home mom with hobbies (then comes the "What do you do all day?" "When are you going back to work?").  I really have a dream life.  I do what I love except for the cooking and cleaning part. This set up works for my family and I'm truly grateful for it.

      Why am I so shy about putting my face up on the internet.  I think it's a matter of privacy and security.  Why am I so shy about telling others "What I do?", well...maybe it's because I feel like a cliche.  I don't know...


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      Wednesday, July 4, 2012

      Monarch Butterflies

      Monarch Caterpillar & Chrysallis
      Learn More

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      Monday, July 2, 2012

      An Ice Cream Summer

      One of my favorite desserts, any time of the year, is ice cream.  I normally I go for something with a coffee flavor or with chocolate but I'll try almost anything.  Lately my kids and I have been indulging in the chocolate dipped cones at McDonalds because we are doing a very important research project.  At each location that we buy a cone, we evaluate the "dip".  The best dipped ice cream is fully covered with chocolate with no chocolate or melting ice cream running down the side and of course, the cone must look pretty.  It's a good thing that the winner, so far, is the location nearest to our home.

      To celebrate our fun summer months, tasty ice cream and my blog supporters, I made this bead woven summer ice cream charms.

      I will be sending a free beaded cone from this ice cream collection to Creations by Shirl and Eva because, for the month of June, they often took the time to leave me happy comments.  FYI, Eva sneaked in at the last moment to give Shirl some competition but because they are both so great, I'm sending each one a charm.  You can find out how you can get a gift too by being my top commentator.  The next announcement will be made in July.  If you want to purchase one of these charms, it is available in my shop, Handmade + Cute.

      Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous Monday!

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